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    Multi-layer belt dryer
    KINDS: Multi-layer belt dryer(Dryer Series)


    DW series multi-layer belt dryer is a continuous drying device used for mass production, breathable sheet, strip, the granular material drying, for dehydrated vegetables, catalyst, medicine class of high moisture content, while the temperature does not allow high materials is particularly appropriate; the dryer has a series of advantages of fast drying, evaporation high strength, good product quality, of dehydration on the cake shape, the granulation or strip made before drying.
      DW series multi-layer belt dryer is suitable for mass production of the lower drying rate to dry materials, compact structure, small occupation area, simple operation, convenient maintenance, stable operation. Can be designed according to the characteristic of drying material into hot air circulation drying in different forms, is the extension and improvement of hot air circulation oven, widely used in metallurgical, chemical, food additives, packaging and other fields. Along with the technical progress of enterprises, the technological content of products to improve, multi-storey belt dryer has the ability to meet the production, diversification, centralized control, continuous production. Has the advantages of high efficiency, energy saving, easy management advantage.

    型號 DW3-1.2-8 DW3-1.2-10 DW3-1.6-8 DW3-1.6-10 DW3-2-8 DW3-2-10
    單元數 4X3 5X3 4X3 5X3 4X3 5X3
    干燥段長 m 24 30 24 30 24 30
    鋪料厚 mm 10-80
    使用溫度 ℃ 50~140
    蒸汽壓力 Mpa 0.2~0.8
    蒸汽耗量kg/h 360-600 420-720 450-840 480-960 480-960 630-1350
    換熱面積m2 816 1020 1056 1320 1344 1680
    干燥強度 kgH2O/h 150-450 220-550 240-600 280-750 280-750 350-900
    內機總功率 KW 30.8 37.4 42 51 56 68
    外機總功率 KW 35.3 41.9 46.5 55.5 60.5 72.5
    外形尺寸m 9.77X2.2X4.5 11.77X2.2X4.5 9.77X2.6X4.5 11.77X2.6X4.7 9.77X3.06X4.9 11.77X3.06X4.9
    總重kg 4800X3 5780X3 5400X3 6550X3 6350X3 7800X3


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