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  • The dominant position in the whole vacuum dryer drying equipment industry occupies
       Drying equipment for drying equipment, drying in order to need to use of materials or further processing. Such as wood in the production of wood, wood prior to drying can prevent the deformation of product, ceramic blank in paragraph two drying equipment drying calcination can prevent finished cracking before. In addition the dried material is also convenient for transportation and storage, such as harvesting grain dried to a moisture content below, to mold. Due to the natural drying can not meet the need of production development, various mechanical dryer is used more and more widely. With the development of production technology, drying equipment more and more appear, can control the artificial heat and mechanical ventilation and dehumidification method gradually replaced the ancient law, the effect is outstanding day by day. The design of vacuum dryer for drying heat sensitive, easily decomposed and easily oxidized substances, can be filled with inert gases, especially some complex objects can be fast drying. Vacuum dryer is through pumped air to inner packing container reaches a predetermined vacuum degree, member inside container moisture removal device, designed for drying heat sensitive, easily decomposed and easily oxidized substances, can be filled with inert gases, especially some complex objects can be fast drying. As a kind of green drying equipment, vacuum dryer Market prospects. Domestic enterprises have accelerated the research of vacuum drying technology, some enterprises have also achieved a breakthrough, to a certain extent, reducing energy consumption, reducing pollution, bring more benefits and value for the society at the same time, also made the dryer market share a larger proportion of their.
      Vacuum dryer vacuum cryogenic equipment on heating. The food's equipment is mainly applied to the high added value, and has a heat sensitive agricultural and sideline products, health products, food, herbs, fruits and vegetables, chemical raw materials such as dehydration and desiccation; used for low temperature concentration, chemical products of crystal water removal, enzyme preparation for drying, vacuum herbal extraction, and is suitable for scientific research institutions experiment.
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